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Why Obtain ISBN from US ISBN Agency

US ISBN Agency

Written by Araix Rand

Araix Rand is the Founder of Bookllo Publishing, an author, blogger, and photographer. Since 2019, he has been helping authors in self-publishing and marketing their books. Additionally, he writes for various business and marketing blogs.

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Published on: 6 Nov, 2023

What is an ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique identifier for books, designed to streamline the accurate and efficient identification and distribution of books. An ISBN consists of a 13-digit number, commencing with either 978 or 979. Before 2007, ISBNs were 10 digits in length.

Why is ISBN Important in Book Publishing?

ISBN plays a crucial role in the publishing of a book, particularly in print. It aids in the smooth process of book publishing and ensures maximum distribution. While it is possible to self-publish an ebook without an ISBN, we recommend obtaining one, especially if you plan on wide distribution across multiple platforms. Conversely, a print book cannot be published without an ISBN.

If you opt for traditional publishing, the publisher will assign an ISBN for your book. However, when self-publishing, you have two options. You can either use an ISBN provided by a self-publishing platform or purchase your own.

Using a free ISBN from a self-publishing platform, like Amazon KDP, comes with limitations. For instance, if you utilize Amazon KDP’s free ISBN, your book will be exclusive to Amazon’s distribution network, restricting access to other distribution services. While Amazon KDP Extended distribution does offer wider reach, it remains relatively limited. Therefore, if you desire control over your book’s distribution, purchasing your own ISBN is essential.

How to Obtain an ISBN?

The process of obtaining an ISBN varies depending on your country of citizenship. Some countries offer free ISBNs to their citizens, but this may come with certain restrictions. For example, in India, you can obtain an ISBN for free from the government website, but as a self-publisher, you must use your own personal name as the imprint name and publish your book either in India or from India.

In countries like the USA and UK, obtaining an ISBN comes at a cost. In the USA, one ISBN is priced at $125, but purchasing in bulk can lead to lower costs. For self-publishers on a tight budget, we offer a US-based ISBN for just $39. We are a registered book publisher in the US and acquire our ISBNs from a US-based agency.

Why Opt for a US-based ISBN?

ISBN Agency in the US

The USA boasts the world’s largest economy and is home to numerous prominent book publishers and booksellers. By using a US-based ISBN, your book will be listed in the database of the US-based ISBN agency and gain exposure through their extensive distribution network, Bowker Bookwire. This increases the likelihood of your book garnering recognition and achieving higher sales. Additionally, the US ISBN agency allows you to publish and market your book worldwide, a flexibility not offered by the ISBN agency in India.

How Can Our ISBN Services Benefit You?

We provide comprehensive ISBN services to independent authors, encompassing book publishing and marketing. At Bookllo Publishing, our aim is to assist authors in self-publishing their books professionally while retaining 100% ownership and royalties. All of this is offered at an affordable service cost. Here are the reasons why you should obtain ISBNs from us:

  1. Quick and Effortless

You can acquire an ISBN promptly from us. Following your purchase, simply provide us with your book details, including title, author name, cover design, and description. We will use this information to register (assign) the ISBN. Once the registration is complete, it may take up to 24 hours for your book to appear in the ISBN database. Subsequently, you can find your book listed on

  1. Cost-effective

While the official ISBN agency in the USA charges $125 for one ISBN, you can obtain a US-based ISBN from us for just $39.

  1. Utilize Our Imprint

Obtaining an ISBN from an official agency in your country may necessitate registering an imprint name. Some countries might even require you to establish a company and obtain a GST ID to secure an ISBN under your imprint name. With us, you can bypass these complexities and use our imprint name for your book publishing without relinquishing ownership. You will maintain 100% ownership and copyright of your book.

  1. Unrestricted Distribution

Unlike the limitations imposed by the free ISBN from Amazon KDP, which restricts authors from selling or distributing books beyond Amazon, using our imprint name and ISBN imposes no such restrictions.

  1. Support

You will receive assistance throughout your book publishing journey and with the use of your ISBN whenever you require it.

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