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Buy ISBNs to self-publish your book under your imprint name. A Custom ISBN is assigned to your Book and author name. You can use any imprint name. ISBNs and barcode will be sent to your email address after your purchase in the next 24 hours.

how to get an ISBN and the benefits of registering your book

If you are an independent author or publisher, and want to publish your book. You need to have an ISBN for each format of your book. Searching for an ISBN to self-publish a book can be frustrating. We are here to help you obtain ISBNs, save time and money. We provide ISBN service to help your book get indexed into the global ISBN database record.

With our custom ISBN, you can publish your book on any platform using your imprint name. Your book title and author name is used to register your book ISBN. We use your author name in place of your book imprint name, but you can use any text as your book imprint name. Make sure your imprint name is unique and mention your imprint on your book copyright page.

Get ISBNs in 3 Steps

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  • Get ISBN-13 with Barcode
  • Our Custom ISBNs are registered in India or Canada. Anyone who is publishing a book worldwide can use it without any issue.
  • Lifetime supports for each ISBN purchased from us
  • Get ISBN in 24 Hours
  • Cost: 1 ISBN: $69 | 2 ISBNs: $125 | 3 ISBNs: $160 | 4 ISBNs: $190
  • 30 days Money-Back Guarantee


What is a custom ISBN?

Our custom ISBNs will allow you to publish your book in the imprint name of your choice. You can use anything as an imprint name at the time of publishing your book. Make sure the same imprint name is mentioned in your copyright page inside the book and your imprint name is unique. You can also use your author name as your imprint name.

What is the origin country of custom ISBNs?

We obtain our custom ISBN from India, Canada, and USA. As ISBNs are international unique number for books, you don’t need to worry about the ISBN country origin.

Can I use this ISBN to publish my book on Amazon and IngramSpark at the same time?

Yes, you can use our ISBN on any platform and multiple platforms at the same time. Make sure to publishing your book on Amazon first, then IngramSpark. You can publish a book on multiple platform as long as you are using one service for extended book distribution.

Does your ISBN get indexed in Global ISBN database?

We assign ISBNs to your book after your order. But, ISBN get indexed in database only after your book is published online. You can use ISBN Searcher or any ISBN lookup tool to find metadata about a book.

Is it ISBN-10 or ISBN-13?


Do you provide bulk discount for ISBNs?

Our custom ISBNs pricing are:

  • 1 ISBN $69,
  • 2 ISBNs $125,
  • 3 ISBNs $160
  • 4 ISBNs $190

If you want to purchase more than four ISBNs, then contact us for bulk pricing.



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