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Buy ISBN Numbers

Buy ISBNs to self-publish your book. Get a unique and international ISBNs instantly. At an affordable cost with tons of benefits such as free barcode, lifetime support, and much more.

ISBN Assignment

Please provide information about your book to get your ISBN assigned at ISBN registry and get extra exposure to your book. 

Obtain ISBNs for Your Book in 3 Steps

uniquely identifies eBooks

Complete Your Order

Complete your order for your ISBNs. We accept credit or debit cards, PayPal, ACH and more.

Get Instant Access

After your payment, the ISBNs will be delivered to your email address instantly along with a URL to Download your ISBN barcode.

ISBN Assigned to Your Book

Your book information is sent to the International ISBN registry within 24 hours of your order to make sure your book is cataloged in the global database.

If you are an independent author or publisher, and want to publish your book. You need to have an ISBN for each format of your book. Searching for an ISBN to self-publish a book can be frustrating. We are here to help you obtain ISBNs, save time and money. We provide ISBN service to help your book get indexed into the global ISBN database record. With our ISBN assignment service, you can publish your book on any platform and anywhere in the world.

Why Buy ISBN from us

1. No need for local address and ID proof

Many ISBN agencies will ask you for a valid local address and ID card at the time of ISBN purchase. Your address will be accessible publicly. This is not good for privacy reason.

2. ISBNs at Affordable Cost

Single ISBN number in United States cost $125. You can get two ISBN from us for the same price. Our custom ISBN comes with all the benefits that you can get from any other ISBN agency.

3. Easy to obtain ISBN

We have designed an easy-to-access platform to obtain ISBNs. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about book metadata will take care for you.

4. No Upsell

No unnecessary upsell, like selling barcode, book widget, QR code etc. We do offer publishing and marketing services under different brand name. But, we won’t upsell you.

5. Free Barcode

All ISBNs purchased from us get Barcode in PNG file format. We also provide you support regarding barcode and work with you to get thing done.

6. Lifetime support

No need to worry about ISBN provided by us. If you face any issue in the future, just drop us an email, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What is the difference between basic and custom ISBN?

Basic ISBN is the cheapest ISBN that comes with our imprint name. On the other hand, the custom ISBNs will allow you to publish your book in the imprint name of your choice. You can use anything as an imprint name at the time of publishing your book. Make sure the same imprint name is mentioned in your copyright page inside the book and your imprint name is unique. You can also use your author name as your imprint name.

How many ISBNs do I need?

You can use one ISBN with only 1 format of your book title. So if you want to publish 1 book in paperback, ebook, and hardcover format, then you’ll need 3 ISBNs. Main while must platform doesn’t ask ISBN for ebooks publishing. We recommend using ISBN for ebook publishing too for extra distributions.

Does your ISBN get indexed in Global ISBN database?

We assign ISBNs to your book after your order. But, ISBN get indexed in database only after your book is published online. You can use ISBN Searcher or any ISBN lookup tool to find metadata about a book.

Can I get a barcode along with ISBN?

Yes, we will send you barcode for each ISBN purchase from us.

Is it ISBN-10 or ISBN-13?


Do ISBNs Expire?

No, Once you publish your book using an ISBN, that ISBN can’t be reused or expire. It is permanent.

I’m planning to publish in the future. Should I buy my ISBN now?

You can purchase the ISBN now and use it whenever you want.

Is the charge for the ISBN a recurring or one-time fee?

One-time fees only.

I’m not from the United States, can I purchase ISBN from you?

Yes, you can purchase ISBN from us and use it to publish your book in any countries. ISBNs are international.

Do you provide bulk discount for ISBNs?

Our custom ISBNs pricing are: 1 ISBN $69, 2 ISBNs $125, 3 ISBNs $160, 4 ISBNs $190 (Bulk discount is applied to your cart automatically.) There is no bulk discount on basic ISBN, we can offer you a custom offer, please contact us.

Do you offer a refund if the ISBN doesn't work?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have to return the unused ISBN to us as the same ISBN will be reassigned.

What if ISBN provided by you is not unique?

We keep a good record of each ISBN issued by us. A duplicate ISBN will be rejected by the publishing platform and if, for some reason, you think the ISBN issued to you is not unique then contact our support.

What if my book faces ownership or copyright issue due to using an ISBN provided by you?

ISBN is just a serial number for a book that is used for inventory management and sales tracking. ISBN doesn’t provide you with ownership or copyright protection. But as a self-publisher, you must set up a copyright page with ISBN and imprint name inside your book correctly.

Can I change my book ISBN in the future?

You can’t change the ISBN of a book after it’s published. However, you can unpublish and republish using a different ISBN. Make sure to mention your previous publication ISBN in the new book to avoid confusion and ownership issues.

Can I reuse the same ISBN on some other book?

No, once a book is published, you can’t use the same ISBN on the other book. Even the previous book get unpublished.



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