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Refund and Returns Policy

Our refund policy is simple:

  1. We provide no question asked full refund. Please contact us for refund within 30 days of service (ISBN) delivery. After 30 days we won’t provide you refund, but we will provide support if you are having issue with ISBNs provided to you.
  2. We deliver ISBNs within 24 hours, but during weekends and holidays, obtaining ISBN might take longer.
  3. In case of service is not delivered within 4 days, we will ask you to extend the deadline or provide you full refund.

IP (Intellectual IP Protection)

Once you have received the refund, You are not allowed to use the content, ISBNs, etc provided to you during the work process.


If you need any clarification regarding our refund policy, please reach out to us using contact us form or via email get (at)

Thank you

Bookllo Publishing Team

Policy updated on 20th Feb 2023



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