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Buy ISBNs to self-publish your book. Get a unique and international ISBNs instantly. At an affordable cost with tons of benefits such as free barcode, lifetime support, and much more.

We are a registered book publishing company in the United States, providing a variety of book publishing and marketing services to independent authors. One of our services involves assigning ISBNs to authors’ books at a low cost, under our publishing name. Authors no longer need to spend a fortune purchasing ISBNs and publishing services. They can acquire an ISBN from us and publish their book under our publishing brand name. We are a reputable publishing brand that assists authors in self-publishing inexpensively and gaining extra exposure for their books. Here are a few reasons why you should buy an ISBN from us:

– Your ISBN will be registered in the US and linked to your book’s format, providing added exposure by utilizing a US-based ISBN. This is advantageous since the US is the world’s largest economy and book market. The two largest book self-publishing platforms, Amazon KDP and IngramSpark, both operate in the US.

– By utilizing our ISBN service, your book gains global recognition, getting listed in numerous book libraries and retail websites as we link your book’s metadata with your purchased ISBN.

– Bid farewell to the restrictive rules set by local ISBN agencies. Some ISBN agencies in countries like India and China impose stringent regulations on book content. They may require a laborious ID verification process to obtain an ISBN, along with strict rules on book publishing formats.

Our Philosophy

If you are an independent author or publisher, and want to publish your book. You need to have an ISBN for each format of your book. Searching for an ISBN to self-publish a book can be frustrating. We are here to help you obtain ISBNs, save time and money. We provide ISBN service to help your book get indexed into the global ISBN database record. With our ISBN assignment service, you can publish your book on any platform and anywhere in the world.



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