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Get ISBNs for Your Book

ISBN services for authors to get free an ISBN number, buy cheap ISBN, self publishing support and much more. offer free and paid ISBN for authors around the world. Our goal with is to help independent authors and self publisher to get a ISBN. We are building a go-to resource for authors like you to make the most out of self-publishing a book.

ISBN is an important part of publishing a book. You need to have an ISBN for ebook, print books or audiobooks publishing and to distribute on a retail website such as Amazon. We are here to help you get a ISBN and answer your book self-publishing questions.


ISBNs Numbers for Print Books, eBooks, Audiobook or any digital and print publishing. You keep 100% royalties and copyright ownership. ISBN Assignment (Unique and linked to Global Databases).


What is an ISBN, and why do I need one?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It’s a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies your book. You must have ISBN for publishing your book, especially a print book. ISBN makes it easy to track your book, prevent duplicate book listing, sell books online on a retail website such as Amazon, get your book into the offline store, and much more.

If you plan to print your book and don’t sell, then you don’t need an ISBN. There are book Print-on-demand services such as IngramSpark that will help you print your book and deliver it to your address.

What is basic and custom ISBN?

Basic ISBNs are purchased from Bowker in bulk and resold at a low cost. For this reason, basic ISBN comes with our Imprint name. In other hand, custom ISBN are obtained individually without an Imprint name. You can use any imprint name with our custom ISBN.

How many ISBNs do I need?

You need an ISBN for each format of your book. If you are publishing your book as paperback and ebook, then you need two ISBNs.

Does FreeISBN offer free ISBNs?

Yes, also offer a paid version with extra feature and fast delivery. You can apply for free ISBN or paid ISBN from anywhere in the world. Our ISBNs are purchased from Bowker (a USA-based ISBN agency) at wholesale discount.

Why would I purchase an ISBN when I can get a free one?

Free ISBN comes with limitations. You can’t reuse ISBN outside of the platform that gave you free ISBN. It put a distribution limit on your books. And, your publisher imprint will not be associated with your book. For example, if you use Amazon KDP free ISBN then your Publisher name (imprint) will be “Independently published”.

Can I use my free ISBN on other platforms (KDP, Bookbaby, IngramSpark, etc.)?

It depends on the platform you got your ISBN from. In the case of Amazon KDP free ISBN, you can’t use the same ISBN outside of Amazon KDP. free ISBN can be used on multiple platforms.

What happens if I use a free ISBN now and later decide I want to own my own?

You can’t change the ISBN of your book once your book is published. You can delete (unpublish) an existing book and republish using a new ISBN. Republishing your book will create a new listing so it will be like you are starting from scratch.

Where to Get Free ISBN?

  • Get a free ISBN under Bookllo Publishing Imprint.
  • Amazon KDP: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing will give me free ISBN for your print book paperback and hardcover.
  • IngramSpark: IngramSpark is providing free ISBN for USA customers only. If you are not from the USA then you are out of luck :-).
  • Draft2Digital: Draft2Digital will give you a free ISBN for your ebook publishing. Recently, they have also started a print book publishing with an option to get free ISBN.
  • Many other platforms provide free ISBNs, you have to find out by yourself.


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