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how to get an ISBN and the benefits of registering your book

We provide ISBN to independent author and publisher for free. We also offer paid version which will get you ISBN, barcode and shoutout on social media. You can get free version of ISBN once only, but you can purchase paid version as many you want.

There is no catch in free ISBN offer, we offer 1 ISBN for free in hope you will purchase more ISBN and other services from us in the future. We also offer book publishing and marketing services.

We are getting plenty of applications for Free ISBNs. We will do our best to provide an ISBN for each applicant but due to limited ability, we will do a quality check to ensure our ISBN is used for quality book publishing only. You will receive only one ISBN for free, which can be used for print book publishing. To get multiple ISBN, fast and without quality check, please purchase an ISBN.

Note: We are not a government or non-profit organization. We purchase ISBN from ISBN agency in bulk and resell or give for free to you.

Due to high abuse, we have suspended ISBN free service temporarily.

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Amazon KDP free ISBNs vs Our free ISBNs


  • You can’t use ISBN outside of Amazon KDP publishing
  • Your book out loud say it’s self-published because of Amazon KDP imprint. Self-published book are considered low qualities.
  • The local book store doesn’t sell self-published book from unknown authors.
  • It makes difficult to transfer book right and switch publishing platform. ISBN

  • Sell your book on any platform, multiple platform at once and retail website. No restriction.
  • Build instant credibility as your book looks like is published by a traditional publisher.
  • Higher chance that your book will be sold by a local book store and listed by other online book retailers.
  • Easily transfer your book to other publishing platform.


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