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Bowker offers several book publishing and marketing services. One of the popular services offered by Bowker is ISBN registration, as it is the official ISBN agency in the US. If you try to purchase any service on Bowker website, you can see they accept coupon code. I spent hours searching for Bowker coupon code myself and I couldn’t find any coupon codes except one site that has Bowker coupon code, but it’s locked into a paywall.

I am going to help you get Bowker coupon codes so you can save money on your purchase and also provide you with information about alternative service at an affordable cost.

Bowker ISBN Coupon Code

To get Bowker coupon code, you have to join the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) membership. There are two types of membership plan at IBPA. Voting Membership costs $150 and non-voting membership costs $130 per year. I will recommend voting membership plan as for just an extra $20 you will get extra self publisher benefits.

There are tons of membership benefits from joining IBPA. You can more about the benefits here: Checkout membership page to join the program.

Once you have joined the program, then go to the homepage of the IBPA website and search for Bowker coupon.

Bowker Coupon Code for ISBN

If you just want the coupon code, then contact us. I will be happy to share the coupon code with you. I can’t share it publicly.

Bowker Alternative Services

  1. ISBN Service: Bowker is the only ISBN agency in the US. They charge $125 for ISBN. You can buy the same ISBN for just $39. This is a viable alternative if you are an individual self publisher who needs 1 to 4 ISBNs. You can get this low-cost ISBN from a book publisher like us, even if you are not from the US. Our ISBN service is available for authors around the world.
  2. Self Publishing Services: We provide top-notch book publishing services and author support at an affordable cost. We have helped hundreds of authors self-publish their book right way in the year 2023. Our self-publishing service consists of book cover design, formatting, publishing on major book platforms and retailers. We have partnered with US-based book editors and ghostwriters to help you launch your book, even if you are behind on writing your book.
  3. Book Distribution Service: We use book distribution service like IngramSpark to distribute author’s books around the world. Our publishing service package includes book distribution service too.
  4. Book Promotion Services: We offer book promotional services such as book advertisement on Amazon, Facebook, BookBub, and niche specific sites. Besides paid advertisement, we also focus on getting your book listing rank higher on search engines like Google and Amazon.
  5. Book Funnel: We help you get your book funnel page designed and integrated with the autoresponder of your choice. For just one-time service fees, we host your funnel page for a lifetime and offer you support whenever you need. You can use the book funnel for list building via paid advertisement or giveaway campaign, early book launch, advance review copy giveaway.
  6. Book Press Release: Our book press release service can help you craft a better media campaign to reach your targeted audience and get featured on the news. We help you get your book noticed by book bloggers, reviewers, journalists, and libraries.

Please contact us if you have any questions and require a personalized quote.



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