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Do you need an ISBN to self-publish your print book on Amazon? I am going to share with you information on Bowker ISBN offer. You can purchase one ISBN for 99 USD instead of 125 USD.

ISBN is optional for publishing ebook (Kindle) on Amazon. But for print book publishing, you need to have an ISBN. Amazon KDP offers free ISBN for print book publishing on its platform. You can generate the free ISBN right on the title setup page. But we all know Amazon free ISBN comes with limitations. You may want to obtain just one ISBN to publish your print book on Amazon.

Please remember, you can’t purchase ISBN from Bowker ( If you are not from the US. If you are not from the US and want to buy a US-based ISBN, then you can buy ISBN from us.

Bowker ISBN for Amazon KDP Publisher

You can buy ISBN from Bowker for $99. Follow this link, You will be redirected to the cart page. Increase the quantity if you want to purchase multiple ISBNs. Please note that if you would like to purchase 3 or more ISBNs, then buy an ISBN bundle. ISBN bundle of 10 will cost you just $295.

Get 1 ISBN for $99, Bowker ISBN

This offer is in partnership with Amazon KDP and Bowker. You can learn more about the offer here (See section “How to use your own ISBN”).

The ISBN purchased using this link (offer) is the same as the regular ISBN purchased from Bowker. You can use this ISBN to publish your book on other platforms like IngramSpark, Lulu etc. This offer won’t lock your ISBN for Amazon KDP publishing only. You can use it on multiple platform at once.



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